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Studies on hygienic management of processed soy sauce with less salt

Study period:1999 - 2000
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Among various kinds of mentsuyu (a kind of processed soy sauce product), demand is growing for a straight type of mentsuyu having a high concentration of natural tasty components and made by the same cooking method as that of a specialty shop of noodles. Such a straight type of mentsuyu has a weak acidity of pH, a low concentration of salt and a low concentration of alcohol among seasonings, so that there is a high risk of its quality degraded by unwanted bacteria transferred from soy sauce as a raw material. Accordingly, with the aim of contributing for development of manufacture technique of safely processed seasonings, we have performed a study on clarification of a decay mechanism of seasoning processed with less salt as being represented by a straight type of mentsuyu. We have also performed a study on evaluation of product safety by structuring and utilizing an estimation model of decay bacteria numbers. As a result of studies, it has been confirmed that heat-resistant sporal bacteria remain in a less salt seasoning product and that they are able to ploliferate in the product to cause decay. We have also developed a model for estimating a proliferation speed of decay bacteria from an initial concentration of bacteria, a storage temperature and components of seasoning. With this model, it has become possible to estimate a risk of decay and a period able to maintain quality from initial conditions of a product and conditions of distribution and storage.
Keywords (7):
soy sauce ,  seasoning ,  food hygienics ,  bacillus species ,  thermostability ,  predictive food microbiology ,  mathematical model
Research program: Ordinary Research

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