J-GLOBAL ID:200904016269799229  Research Project code:9911003335 Update date:Nov. 18, 2002

Countermeasures for reducing fruit-cracking damage of greenhouse grape with soil-moisture control

Study period:1999 - 2000
Research overview:
In the event of heavy rain during harvesting period, soil-moisture control method should be studied. Besides of this study, an adequate control method of soil moisture is investigated for future introduction of varieties for large sized fruits. 1) With respect to container-cultivated grape for raw-eating "lizamart", frequent development of cracked fruit was observed in the case of large variation of soil moisture (Central Agricultural Experimental Station, 1994). 2) With respect to grape for raw-eating "Red Pearl", test with wet- or dry-conditions during first, second, and third growth-periods gave the result of less cracking under wet condition (Nagano Central Shinano Agricultural Experimental Station, 1990).
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