J-GLOBAL ID:200904016400820484  Research Project code:0150003652 Update date:Jan. 30, 2004

Study on manufacturing system using open oriented information technologies

Study period:2000 - 2002
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Research overview:
Manufacturing systems that can be adapted to the fluctuations of the number of orders and the kind of the products for smaller enterprises are required. These systems are based on the premise that manufacturing products in small quantities by manual operations is done in the daytime and large quantities are manufactured at night using automated systems. But, recent sharp fluctuations in the number of orders make the continuation of the present way of manufacturing difficult. On the other hand, open oriented information technologies such as the Internet and open controllers are available for offices and large-scale manufacturing systems today. Therefore, this research discusses a manufacturing system, which takes into consideration manual-operated processes coexisting with automated processes for smaller enterprises. This becomes possible by using the open oriented information technologies.
Research program: Grants and Funding
Research budget: 2002: \33,436,000

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