J-GLOBAL ID:200904017072375954  Research Project code:9910001381 Update date:Jul. 01, 2010

Vigor promotion technique of pollen-transmitting bees for strawberry under structure by feeding in winter: Feeding technique in winter for the pollen-transmitting bees

Study period:1999 - 2002
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Research field (1): Applied Biochemistry
Research overview:
To prevent exhaustion of and stabilize pollen-transmission of bees for pollen-transmission in forcing cultured strawberry in winter, the technique relieving a decrease in the number of bees under the condition of low temperature, activating breeding and promoting the vitality of bees is established by adequately feeding.
Keywords (8):
bee ,  strawberry ,  pollen transmission ,  pollen-transporting insect ,  pollinator ,  pollen substitute ,  feeding ,  feed for bees
Research program: Ordinary Research

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