J-GLOBAL ID:200904017343442091  Research Project code:0350013317 Update date:Jan. 21, 2005

Development and proof of reduced fertilizer cultivation technique in low input sustainable vegetable production: (4) Establishment of reduced fertilizer cultivation technique in edible Brassica flower

低投入持続型野菜作における減肥栽培技術の開発と実証 (4)食用ナバナにおける減肥栽培技術の確立
Study period:2003 - 2007
Research overview:
In order to establish reduced fertilizer cultivation in food banana, combination of local fertilization method and cover fertilizer is investigated. This year, the kind of cover fertilizer suitable for growth pattern of edible Brassica flower is clarified.
Keywords (4):
fertilization method ,  edible Brassica flower ,  reduction of fertilizer ,  local fertilization
Project name: Research and developmental project for environmental conservation type agriculture and forestry: Development and systematization of low input sustainable vegetable cultivation technique
Project Organization (1):
  • 千葉県農業総合研究センター(E169000000)
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • ONO Toshimichi
Research program: Ordinary Research

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