J-GLOBAL ID:200904018063812426  Research Project code:9800001868 Update date:Nov. 30, 2005

Studies on spark counting techniques of solid state tracks for neutron monitoring

Study period:1967 - 2007
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Research overview:
For neutron monitoring spark counting of etch-pits produced on solid state detector films was studied using polycarbonate as well as cellulose nitrate obtainable in our country as detector films. Aluminium oxide film produced on aluminium plate was also studied as a promising one, which dispenses with chemical etching process. Measurement of radon-222 and radon-220 will be studying using CR-39 detector.
Keywords (9):
fission fragment detection ,  neutron dosimetry ,  polycarbonate ,  plastic film ,  solid state detector ,  aluminum oxide ,  cellulose nitrate ,  CR-39 ,  radon
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  • (2617023000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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