J-GLOBAL ID:200904020376537978  Research Project code:0250000562 Update date:Mar. 29, 2007

Studies on materials circulation in biosphere using the closed ecology experiment facilities

Study period:2000 - 2009
Research field (1): Environmental dynamic analysis
Research overview:
A series of studies using the Closed Plant Experiment Facility (CPEF) and the Closed Animal Breeding and human Habitation Facility (CABHF) of the Closed Ecology Experiment Facilities (CEEF). In the CEEF, exchange of materials with the outside is fully cut off, only exchange of energy and information being permitted. In the CEEF, the artificial ecosystem established within achieves self-sufficient material circulation. In this series of studies, long-term material balance is to be achieved when the CPEF and the CABHF are connected. Using the model ecosystem in these two facilities, circulation, distribution and accumulation of materials such as carbon and nitrogen are analyzed, and a novel simulation model for predicting action of materials such as 14C is to be constructed based on this analysis.
Keywords (8):
material circulation ,  controlled ecological life support systems ,  bioregenerative life support ,  physical and chemical material circulation system ,  closed system ,  radionuclide ,  <sup>14</sup>C ,  ecosystem
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