J-GLOBAL ID:200904020851589457  Research Project code:9911004670 Update date:Dec. 09, 2002

Study on utilization of gas elements for functionality enhancement of iron type materials: Effects of gas elements upon corrosion resistance of iron type materials

鉄系材料の高機能化に向けたガス元素の有効利用に関する研究 鉄系材料の耐食性におよぼすガス元素の影響
Study period:1999 - 2001
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Research overview:
Iron type materials, such as cast iron and steel, absorb gas elements, such as oxygen and nitrogen in melting and casting processes, and the elements, even present in very small amounts, can change characteristics of the materials. Nitrogen esp. attracts attention because it improves the corrosion resistance. In this study, effects of oxygen and nitrogen contained in iron upon characteristics of the materials, esp. corrosion resistance, are investigated on commonly used iron type materials, such as cast iron and carbon steel. Since it is necessary for such experiments to quantify oxygen and nitrogen in samples used, we also aims at establishing analyzing techniques for quantification of gas ingredients contained in iron type materials and searching the possibility of form-by-form analysis for gas elements.
Keywords (4):
iron ,  corrosion resistance ,  nitrogen ,  oxygen
Research program: Ordinary Research

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