J-GLOBAL ID:200904022009374208  Research Project code:0250005065 Update date:Jan. 26, 2005

Development of surface-treating technology of low environmental load for magnesium alloys

マグネシウム合金の低環境負荷型表面処理技術の開発 フッ化物,クロム酸を使用しない陽極酸化処理条件の検討
Study period:2001 - 2003
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Owing to their low specific gravity and high specific strength, magnesium alloys are widely applied in the fields of aircrafts, vehicles, computer-related apparatus, cellular phones, video cameras, etc. Due to their high chemical activity, however, they usually need surface coating for anti-corrosion. Recent environmental consciousness requires, instead of the conventional surface coating disadvantageous to recycled use, to develop new methods of anti-corrosion by means of chemical or anode-oxidizing treatment alone that has so far been applied for substrate treatment to surface coating, or of surface treatment that avoids use of toxic substances (chromic acid, fluorides, etc.). Based on the survey on the literature concerning surface treatment of magnesium alloys and results of the preliminary experiments to be conducted in fiscal 2000, this research aims at developing a new surface treatment technology superior in environmental load and anti-corrosion, by means of anode-oxidation combined with other technologies (vapor-deposition, spattering, sol-gel change, plating, etc.), that is advantageous in anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion properties, compared with chemical treatments.
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Research program: Cooperative Research

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