J-GLOBAL ID:200904022017965746  Research Project code:9800003454 Update date:Dec. 13, 1994

Spectrophotometric determination of several trace metal ions

Study period:1980 - 1993
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Research overview:
Phenylfluorone reacts with several metal ions in the presence of some cationic surfactants and a uindentate ligand to from water-soluble deep colored chelates. As the color reactions were more sensitive, they were applied to the spectrophotometric determination of the several trace metals. In the previous works have been studied the reaction to the determination of cobalt, nickel, zinc, copper, palladium, yttrium and gallium. The application to the other rare metals is undertaken.
Keywords (15):
color ,  spectrophotometry(analysis) ,  quantitative ,  trace ,  trace ,  metallic ,  chelation ,  color ,  benzenes ,  tricyclic ,  benzopyrans ,  aromatic ,  polyphenol ,  Phenylfluorone ,  rare
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1993: \50,000

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