J-GLOBAL ID:200904022753478950  Research Project code:0050000077 Update date:Feb. 09, 1999

Study for Rediation Cortrol of sater-suspendoel micrcorganisms

Study period:1998 - 1999
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (1):
Research overview:
Public health, metal working environment, and steilization requirements of water-filled type dialyzer are affeeted by pathogen in wtate-water, spoiling microbes in water based lubricans and microbiak burden in the jillijg water of dialyzer. The porpase of this study is stentzation of those microraganisms suspended in the water or fluid by the quality if the water and active molecalar spenes on sterilization efficiency are investigating.
Keywords (8):
lorizing Radiation ,  sterization ,  Dicirfection ,  Medical Derice ,  Metal working Fluids ,  Wate water ,  Quality Deterioration ,  Active Molecular Specles
Research program: -
Research budget: 1998: \1,600,000

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