J-GLOBAL ID:200904023137744006  Research Project code:9910001107 Update date:Oct. 01, 2000

Assessment method for morphological change of surface of knit or woven textiles

Study period:1998 - 1999
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Research overview:
Products of knit or woven textile using synthetic thread, bulky finishing thread, and filament fiber are currently popular. These products have merits including resistance to shrinkage and ease of handling, but on the other hand often give rise to snags accompanying morphological change of surface including coming-off of thread on wearing and pilling. Study thus investigates relationship between materials and testing methods of knit or woven products using thread blended with high content of synthetic fiber and filament according to JIS snag test (1. Mace method, 2. card clothing roller method, and 3. Damage bar method). Relationship of characteristics of material including structure, density, and resistance of thread to coming-off is analyzed. Wearing test using exposed fasteners is also carried out to examine practical performance, to contribute to claim reduction.
Keywords (5):
snag ,  pill ,  JIS ,  wearing test ,  evaluation
Research program: Ordinary Research

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