J-GLOBAL ID:200904023612210240  Research Project code:9800044823 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Study on microstructure control of polymer materials

Study period:1997 - 1998
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (5):
Research overview:
By advancement of the synthesis and reforming technique of the polymer materials the use of which is expected to expand such as epoxy resin, polyimido resin and so on, and investigation on the higher order structure control technique (crystal structure or phase separation structure etc.) in polymer alloy, reliability evaluation technique, highly reliable polymer materials that satisfy various demands (molding property, heat resistance, high magnetism, reliability etc.) are developed.
Keywords (4):
functional ,  macromolecule ,  molecular ,  polymer
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1997: \215,000

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