J-GLOBAL ID:200904024731895657  Research Project code:0250002036 Update date:Jun. 10, 2008

Creation of new industries using hypolimunion water: Development of technology utilizing the water for food industry and the like

深層水による新産業の創出 食品等の製造業への利用技術の開発
Study period:2000 - 2001
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Research field (1): Others
Research overview:
Using deep sea water collected from Yaezu offshore, possibility of usage to foodstuff industry is investigated and examined. It is said that as the effects of using deep sea water, water preserving ability is increased, scum is extinguished, taste of raw material is emphasized, and fermentation power is increased. At the cases of applying of deep sea water to foodstuffs such as bonito shiokara (salty fish guts), natto (fermented soybean), and pickles, and development of foodstuff is achieved by adapting the feature of deep sea water, by measuring the influence to tasting components, physical properties, and functional examinations.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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