J-GLOBAL ID:200904025223922351  Research Project code:9800039602 Update date:Dec. 11, 2001

A micro device for tunneling current control

Study period:1990 - 2000
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Research overview:
A micro device for tunneling current control was built by integrating a sharp needle tip, an opposing wall and an electrostatic microactuator fabricated using IC-compatible micromachining technology. The device is 500mum x 500mum x 4mum and covered with Pt. We have confirmed the exponetial dependence of the tunneling current on the gap spacing that was in the order of 1 nm. The device was applied to a displacement detector with high sensitivity. The operation in extremely high vacuum condition in the order of 10(-11) Torr was also conducted.
Keywords (7):
actuator ,  current control ,  tunnel effect ,  displacement ,  sensor ,  application of static electricity ,  micromachining
Research program: Ordinary Research

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