J-GLOBAL ID:200904025239604198  Research Project code:0250001899 Update date:Dec. 11, 2003

Establishing monitoring method for conservation of rare plant species

Study period:2001 - 2002
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (3):
Research overview:
The purpose of this study is to establish monitoring methods to conserve the populations of rare plant species. Size class structures and genetic structures are compared among populations of Callianthemum miyabeanum, on endemic alpine species of Mt. Apoi. Furthermore, a projection matrix model to describe the population dynamics is constructed, and the responses to change of growth conditions are analyzed based on the life history parameters to understand requirements to maintain populations.
Keywords (5):
callianthemum miyabeanum ,  rare plant species ,  size class structure of population ,  allozyme analysis ,  projection matrix model
Research program: Cooperative Research

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