J-GLOBAL ID:200904026094109475  Research Project code:9800009707 Update date:Jan. 26, 2005

Transient behavior of natural circulation for boiling two-phase flow

Study period:1988 - 2004
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A natural circulation BWR is one proposal of next generation LWRs. Thermo-hydraulic instability, which may appear during start-up and greatly influences the feasibility, is investigated experimentally under simulating normal and abnormal start-up process. An advanced numerical method is developed for slowly transient two-phase flow. Moreover, a flow diode is proposed to implement the pump coastdown characteristics of the ABWR using internal pumps and to switch smoothly over to natural circulation after a pump trip transient. The characteristics required for the flow diode are investigated
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BWR ,  natural ,  reactor ,  fuel ,  human ,  reactor ,  convective ,  preventive ,  starting
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  • (0192004000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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