J-GLOBAL ID:200904026180321215  Research Project code:0350012115 Update date:Mar. 23, 2005

A research on plasma source for electric propulsion by a helicon wave

Study period:2001 - 0
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Research overview:
The use for the plasma source for future to electric propulsion has been found, by easily generating the comparatively high density plasma with no electrode by using a helicon wave. Application is available to electric propulsion and a plasma contactor or the like requiring the comparatively high density plasma like a hole thruster. A proposal was made to the Lissajous' acceleration method as non-discharge electrode acceleration by a combination of the helicon wave for future. A study has started for an acceleration mechanism. Actually, plasma density, 10E+12cm-3 with RF input power, 50 W or lower, has been achieved, resulting in a success in materializing a small plasma source.
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  • (A089001000)
Research program: Ordinary Research
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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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