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Environmental chemical study on green house gas Effects of land source material on the ocean circulation 2

温室効果気体に関する環境科学的研究 海洋炭素循環に及ぼす陸起源物質の影響2
Study period:1996 - 1999
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Research overview:
Although increased carbon dioxide due to man-made causes is considered the main cause of global warming, the global behavior of carbon dioxide has not been well understood yet. Hence, established quantitative methods for dissolved organic carbon are used to conduct a geoscientific study on carbon in the ocean. Furthermore, tertiary excitation and fluorescence spectroscopy are used to elucidate the flow process of upthrust materials to the ocean through rivers and costal regions and how the materials are related to green-house effect gases.
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global ,  greenhouse ,  carbon ,  oceanic ,  terrigenous ,  dissolved
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Research program: Ordinary Research

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