J-GLOBAL ID:200904026785292241  Research Project code:9800001220 Update date:Feb. 07, 1994

Studies on applications of shape memory alloys. Study on Nitinol (TiNi) heat engine

形状記憶合金の応用研究 ニチノール(TiNi)熱機関の研究
Study period:1978 - 1992
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Investigating Researcher (3):
Research overview:
The object of this study is to convert low-grade thermal energy into electric energy using shape memory effect of Nitinol (TiNi) wire. For this reason, the Nitinol heat engine is fabricated, which drives at high speed by small temperature difference utilizing hot water such as hot waste water and hotsprings. Finally this engine is combined to dynamo.
Keywords (7):
Nitinol ,  shape ,  heat ,  OTEC ,  energy ,  nickel ,  titanium
Research program: Ordinary Research

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