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Evolution of oceanic crust of the marginal seas in the South China Sea Geophysical surveys

南シナ海域周縁の海洋底構造発達史 地球物理探査
Study period:1993 - 1994
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There are number of back-arc basins, troughs and trenches in the Northwestern corner of the Pacific ocean. In terms of distribution of marine geomagnetic anomalies, heat flows, bathymetric depths, as well as pleomagnetic researches on land and in the seas, it is believed that the Japanese Island Arc has drifted off the southeastern corner of the Siberian continent. This motion seems to have occurred as driven passively by subduction of Cula or Pacific plate underneath Eurasian Plate. However, it is not well understood yet how this typy of splitting and separation of continental fragments from its mother body occurs under seemingly pressing stress against its resultant motions. The main purpose of the present research proposal is to collect data accumulated in the last 20-30 years of researches of China and Japan independently of each other. In addition to this collection of data we are to perform a China-Japan cooperative joint survey out on South China Sea area. The accumulation of data and their analysis will certainly bring us a new view on the yet unresolved mechanisms of continental refting as well as spreading of back-arc basins to form an oceanic type lithosphere.
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crustal ,  tectonic ,  seafloor ,  Pacific ,  crustal ,  South ,  tectonic ,  data ,  data ,  international
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