J-GLOBAL ID:200904027744938893  Research Project code:9800026161 Update date:Feb. 13, 2003

Study on practical application of main systematized agriucltural techniques in region, large scale & low cost production techniques for beef cattle by grazing Establishment of mass breeding, rearing & management of grazed Japanese Black Cattle by extensive utilization of large grassland

地域基幹農業技術体系実用化研究 放牧利用等による肉用牛の大規模低コスト生産技術 阿武隈山系における大規模草地等の高度利用による黒毛和種放牧牛の集団繁殖・育成管理技術の確立
Study period:1994 - 1998
Research overview:
1) Examination for technical development. Establishment of multiplication and breeding management technique for Japanese black pasturing cattle by using grass land and unused agricultural land and so. a) Labor saving multiplication management technique by cattle group guidance applied with self-rocking stanchion and by synchronizing of catching and mating. b) Growth improving technique for calf by combination of back hill pasturing and concentrated feed supplying. 2) Systematizing practical test. On site practical proof of multiplication and breeding technical system by comprehensive usage of large scale grass land and unused agricultural land. a) On site practical proof of group multiplication and management system of large scale grass land, and management economy evaluation. b) On site practical proof of breeding system for Japanese black pasturing cattle by using unused agricultural land and back hill.
Keywords (6):
beef ,  grazing (raising) ,  production ,  cost ,  reproductive ,  pasture
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1997: \6,300,000

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