J-GLOBAL ID:200904027845136860  Research Project code:9910000702 Update date:Nov. 18, 2002

Control measures against brown snow mold of wheat

Study period:1998 - 2000
Research overview:
Brown snow mold of fall sowing wheat is a damage caused by pythium fungus. Damage extends to rotten leaves and leaf-sheaths, and even to comb, and to total blight of stub in case of serious on-set. Investigation on the state of snow mold on-set of fall sowing wheat in the spring of 1997(by Hokkaido Plant Protection Office) reveals that the suffered areas amount to 1,198 ha(Sorachi), 421ha(Kamikawa), 390 ha (Iburi),ishikari), respectively. This is conspicuous in central and northern parts of Hokkaido. On the other hand almost no damage found in Tokachi and Abashiri areas, the main cultivation areas. The ratios of area damaged by brown snow mold to total on-set area are: 97% in whole Iburi, 87% in Fukagawa City, 86% in Teshikaga Town, 63% in Naganuma Town, and 45% in Minami-Horo Town, respectively, showing localized severe and heavy damages.
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