J-GLOBAL ID:200904029068134819  Research Project code:9910001206 Update date:Nov. 11, 2003

How the Properties of Color Paste and Printability Vary Different Feeders are Used in Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Study period:1998 - 1999
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Research overview:
Inclined-type rotary screen printing machines announced in ITMA'95 have been introduced to many factories and seem to result in lots of merits. Those contents are summarized as follows. The first merit is, naturally thought of, improvement of workability such as a shorter time needed to change color scheme and less damages of molds is attained, since the screen can be washed without being taken out owing to the inclined belt and screen when color scheme is changed. The second merit to be cited is, beyond expectation, improvement of printing quality. In detail, defects such as clogging of screen, line-like printing disorder in a large pattern, air bubbles occluded in color paste and so forth generated frequently in case of an existing horizontal-type printing machine are reduced. Therefore, to clarify these matters, we have investigated changes in color paste properties and printability according to differences among color paste feeding mechanisms by using an inclined-type rotary screen printing machine for testing.
Keywords (4):
Rotary Screen Printing Machine ,  incline Rotary Screen Printing Machine ,  properties of Color Paste ,  printability
Research program: Ordinary Research

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