J-GLOBAL ID:200904030013766237  Research Project code:0250001616 Update date:Feb. 07, 2003

Elucidation of action mechanism of functional components and search for oral intake process and effects

Study period:2001 - 2005
Research overview:
(1) Elucidation of the control mechanism of lipid metabolism by food components using normal and pathological model laboratory animal. (2) Elucidation of the prevention mechanism for life-style related diseases such as cancer via apoptosis control and oxidation stress control of food components. (3) Elucidation of the behavior of functional components such as flavonoid in digestion and absorption and the interaction with co-existing food components. (4) Elucidation of the interaction of highly unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols with memory.
Research program: Ordinary Research
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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