J-GLOBAL ID:200904030413712284  Research Project code:0450022072 Update date:Nov. 08, 2004

Observatory research on thermal and material transportation and fluctuation of the Pacific Ocean through big circulation of the ocean

Study period:2002 - 2008
Research overview:
It has been long since saying that determination and its change of climate in the Earth are effected greatly by the ocean. No practical and quantitative study has been achieved, about transportation amount of material such as thermal and nutrient salts directly related to the weather and oceanic convergence and fluctuation along with the time. This means that global warming as for whole earth as climate fluctuation is not known, as well as no practical data for fluctuation model of the climate especially about thermal and material transportation. Measures are required urgently to solve the problem. In this observatory research, performing highly precised observation among major Continents, distribution of conserved amount of heat and amount of soluble materials in the level of the ocean as well as actual transportation of these materials in circulating between the surface layer and the deepest layer are to be elucidated. Through comparing the results with past ones of observation, fluctuations in more than 10 years of time scale are to be clarified. Through focused observation in specified oceanic area, actual state of thermal and material transportation between surface circulation and actual state of exchange of deep sea water between sea basins are to be made clear.
Project Organization (1):
  • (C013000000)
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Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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