J-GLOBAL ID:200904030492727925  Research Project code:9800038638 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Study on environmental medicine, heamatology, morbid state physiology, and medical information system at the remote place

Study period:1994 - 1997
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (8):
Research overview:
1) Study on epidemilogy and countermeasure for the environmental factory of chronic decease of people living in remote are. 2) a) Study on analysis of genetic variations of blood clotting factor and the fibrinolytic factor. b) Study on relationship between genetic variations and hematological decease in remote area. 3) Study on variations of compound carbohydrate in blood (such as glycoprotein and glucolipids). 4) Study on health control and data filing of people dwelling in remote area (Summary was done in the year 1996).
Keywords (9):
medicine ,  hematologic ,  pathophysiology ,  medical ,  environmental ,  epidemiology ,  gene ,  variation(biology) ,  health
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1997: \32,542,000

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