J-GLOBAL ID:200904031627199050  Research Project code:0450020835 Update date:Oct. 28, 2004

The evaluation of the effect of the migratory fish derivation of the nutrition on river water quality and river levee vegetation

Study period:2003 - 2003
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Research overview:
River water around salmon going againt stream it changes change and gap water in the grits underground are sampled periodically with main research object ground, and the action which HOCHYARE causes the water quality is clarified in respect of YUURAPPU river which is the representative salmon going againt stream river in southern part of Hokkaido. For willows and swamp ash and waterfront herbaceous plant which are a main tree species of the river levee, the stable isotope nitrogen analysis is carried out, and the actual condition of nutrient absorption of the HOCHYARE derivation is clarified.
Keywords (1):
riverside forest
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  • (E017000000)
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