J-GLOBAL ID:200904031833247656  Research Project code:9800038367 Update date:Nov. 17, 2003

Study on electromagnetic environmental evaluation method of the electronic equipment Study on performance evaluation of the electromagnetic shielding materials

電子機器の電磁環境評価法の研究 電磁波遮蔽材料の特性評価に関する研究
Study period:1995 - 2002
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Research overview:
Performance evaluation of the electromagnetic shielding materials has depended upon experiments. But preparations of the experiments take much time and need large cost. So in this study, a method through simulation analysis based upon electromagnetic wave theory is examined. 1) Analysis of leaking of electromagnetic wave from heat radiation slit formed on the cage 2) Examination of new analysis method (FDTD method etc.) 3) Establishment of simulation technique of electromagnetic wave shielding and absorption characteristics
Keywords (3):
electromagnetic ,  simulation ,  electromagnetic
Research program: Ordinary Research

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