J-GLOBAL ID:200904032571987153  Research Project code:0150002408 Update date:Mar. 16, 2001

Examination and investigation regarding pavement management system

Study period:1997 - 2000
Research overview:
It is necessary to synthetically evaluate pavement conditions and plan a rational repairing support system for the purpose of effective maintenance and management of the pavement. Pavement management system (PMS) will support above-mentioned purpose. This study is to add evaluations of road users and side roads to PMS that has been organized from the view point of a usual road manager. We are going to clarify the relation between the road conditions and various influences for quantitatively measure the cost relating to the road users and the side roads. We executed an investigation for quantitatively measuring the cost in relation to the noise. As a result, it was clarified that the cost of noise reduction for 1 dB(A) was 8,200 yen per one dB(A) using a sound insulation wall, on the other hand, 1,400 yen per 1 square meters per one dB(A) using a pair glass or a double-glass window.
Research program: Ordinary Research
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Organization with control over the research:
Public Works Research Institute

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