J-GLOBAL ID:200904032732532771  Research Project code:9800034831 Update date:Nov. 21, 2003

1) Molecular mechanism for regulation of apoptosis 2) Molecular pathology on mitochondrial diseases 3) Regulation of gene expression of mitochondrial proteins

1) アポトーシス制御因子の分子機構,2) ミトコンドリア病の分子病態学,3) ミトコンドリアタンパク質の発現制御機構
Study period:1995 - 2003
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Research overview:
Studies in this laboratory originate from great interests i n apoptosis and mitochondria diseases. With studies on apoptosis, we have biochemically characterized members of bcl-2 family. Genetically engineered proteins of the family have been expressed in mammalian cells to elucidate biological functions of each family member. We are also interested in mitochondria diseases. Mitochondria from a variety of mitochondria disease patients have been introduced into a mammalian rho(o) cell which is a derivative of Hela cell and lacks mitochondria DNA. We are characterizing constructed cells carring a mutant mitochondria DNA in terms of gene experssion signal transduction and metabolism.
Keywords (8):
mitochondria ,  human(primates) ,  cultured ,  cellular ,  genetic ,  molecular ,  protein ,  gene
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 2003: \20,000,000

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