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Social design on energy & resource research and decision process

Study period:2001 - 2001
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Research overview:
As to the technologies of the fields, which are connected firmly to society and people's lives and have rather public characteristics, out of various fields in science and technology, it is considered to be desirable that government takes the lead in promotion of their R&D and their result are reflected on the construction of social system. And examination of technology development of these fields In order to understand difficult-to-quantify requirements, such as human behaviors and psychological and social tendency, interdisciplinary R&D program is necessary, adopting not only the knowledge mainly from quantitative and technological understanding of phenomena, but also the knowledge of humanities and social science. In order to promote the R&D of the technology having such characteristics (that is to say "social design") and the reflection of its results to society, frames of social design, which is difficult to grasp by conventional technology system, are studied first of all in this survey. And then, future research subjects of interdisciplinary R&D program of humanities and social science and natural science are sought and pioneer researchers to study their subjects are sought. These survey will contribute to the future R&D programs of social design in research fields of energy and resources.
Keywords (4):
energy ,  resource investigation ,  decision-making process ,  social design
Research program: Ordinary Research

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