J-GLOBAL ID:200904033868756424  Research Project code:9800048341 Update date:Nov. 18, 2002

Development of forecasting materials for infestation of pest insects in paddy field

Study period:1997 - 2001
Research overview:
In order to accomplish the reduced pesticide cultivation by means of adequate control of insect called Akahige-hosomidori-mekuragame, the development of laborsaving monitoring method applicable in the field is a necessary step. In this context, the sex-pheromone-trapping is found as a simple and effective method to solve some problems in handling (skill and labor needed for survey and the like), compared with the current method, and applicable to installation and surveying at farmers. Outdoor attractiveness of plural active components identified with Akahige-hosomidori-mekuragame is elucidated, and accordingly sex-pheromone drug and trap are developed. 1) Test for elucidation of field Attractiveness of EAD active substance, 2) Test for new development of sex-pheromone trap.
Keywords (7):
paddy rice ,  noxious insect ,  monitoring ,  agricultural chemical ,  pesticide ,  biological pest control ,  sex pheromone
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