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Communication and Cross-Cultural Communication Training At Univerisity

Study period:2000 - 2003
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The purpose of this study is to show a guideline for contents, methods and evaluation of new communication education that is comprehensive and multicultural taking both of Japanese and international students in sight. These years, people have emphasized importance of the so-called communication education such as language education, intercultural understanding education and speech technique education raising oral expression and logical persuasion ability. On the other hand, however, positioning of the communication education in a university education is not clarified and its educational contents and method is not established yet. In this study, we grasp the communication education in a general education course of a university as practical and comprehensive education aiming at developing a new concept and behavior style to prepare for globalization coming in the 21st century, while education subjects of a university are executed. We show a guideline by taking a broader field in sight, including not only language technique training but also intercultural understanding education (multicultural symbiosis education) and information-media education.
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communication education ,  multicultural education
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