J-GLOBAL ID:200904034202471235  Research Project code:0350014902 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Damage measurement on inside of thin tube using light section method

Study period:2001 - 2001
Research overview:
It is difficult to measure the damage on inside of thin tubes without breaking them, because there are any obstacles around them. We developed the measuring system using the light section method without damaging tubes and the preciseness of the measurements in the system was evaluated. In this paper, we developed the application the size of damages of the circumference and the axis direction and the position are measured by means of light section images, and evaluated it. The result of measurement for hole on the tube, the fine data within 0.2mm error of the circumference was obtained. It was shown that the measurement of the damage is possible using this program.
Keywords (5):
Non-Destructive Measurement ,  Light Section Method ,  Damage on Inside of Tube ,  Circle Line Laser ,  Image Processing
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