J-GLOBAL ID:200904034507671927  Research Project code:0150001084 Update date:Dec. 27, 2004

Study of a new lidar method for observing interaction of aerosols and clouds

Study period:2000 - 2000
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Research overview:
Theoretical and experimental basic study on a lidar method for finding the size of water droplets of clouds from the measurement of the angle dependence of scattering due to clouds is made. For the application of this measurement principle to a lidar, a lidar having a multi-wavelength laser and two reception systems is examined. One of two reception systems is used for measuring backward scattering and the other is used for measuring a scattered light with different scattering angles. The shape of a spectrum that the wavelength dependence of the latter is standardized by the former is dependent on the particle size of clouds. Therefore, the particle size can be obtained from the spectrum. In actual analysis, the distribution of the particle size of the clouds is assumed, the mode size is used as a parameter and the theoretically produced spectrum is fitted to the measurement value to find the mode size. Models to which various size distribution is given are simulated and errors arising in assumption during analysis are evaluated. The transmission part of a current lidar device is used and a light receiver is newly manufactured to make experiment for verification of the measurement principle.
Keywords (5):
lidar ,  laser radar ,  clouds ,  aerosols ,  radiation budget
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  • (A153000000)
Research program: Ordinary Research
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Ministry of the Environment

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