J-GLOBAL ID:200904034723470685  Research Project code:0250005025 Update date:Dec. 17, 2001

The results of external quality control of water analysis in Gunma prefecture (1998)

群馬県水道水管理計画に基づく精度管理 平成10年度実施結果(塩素イオン・ヒ素)
Study period:1999 - 1999
Research overview:
Based on "Management Plan for Tap Water Quality in Gunma Prefecture", the accuracy management was implemented. In fiscal 1999, 13 organizations were participated, and chloride and arsenic ions were the subjected items. As the result, for chloride ions, entire coefficient of variation was 8.0% with no organization having a coefficient of variation of 10% or more. There was not significant difference among the test methods. For arsenic ions, intra coefficient of variation was excess 10% in one of 12 organizations. The entire coefficient of variation is slightly high 22.3%. No significant difference was observed among the test methods, but significant difference was observed between ICP and flameless atomic absorption spectroscopy for variance ratio.
Keywords (6):
群馬県水道水質管理計画 ,  精度管理 ,  変動係数 ,  回収率 ,  分散比 ,  Grubbsの検定
Research program: Ordinary Research

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