J-GLOBAL ID:200904035096781285  Research Project code:0250003397 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Introduction, breeding and selection of excellent varieties of vegetable: (3) Breeding of varieties of melon: 3) Selection of excellent lines of F1 variety of Earl's melon

野菜の優良品種の導入と育成・選定 (3)メロンの品種育成 3)アールスメロンの優良系統間F1品種の選定
Study period:1987 - 2001
Research overview:
Excellent varieties of Earl's melon (F1) in isolated bed year-round culture were selected for each cropping type. For early winter harvesting, 'Chiba-31 and -32' were raised. For early summer harvesting, 'Aqua-queen' was raised, and for autumn harvesting, early summer type was confirmed suitable. For late autumn and mid-summer harvesting, 2 varieties for each were selected as promising, and particularly for year-end gift market, they were applied for registration as a new variety.
Keywords (4):
melon ,  breeding ,  isolated bed culture ,  Earl's line
Research program: Ordinary Research

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