J-GLOBAL ID:200904036389949217  Research Project code:9800046299 Update date:Nov. 30, 2001

Development of the technology to improve qualities of poor soils: Examination of uneven qualities in large paddy fields re-ordered and development of the management sytem to use fertilizers.

不良土壌基盤の簡易改良技術の開発 大区画圃場整備にともなう地力ムラの実態と施肥管理技術
Study period:1997 - 0
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Research overview:
In Iwate prefecture, recently, larege scale re-ordering of the paddy fiels is being introduced as in 50 acre to 1 hectre to pursue less costed methods for rice raising. It is pointed out that there are eneven qualities in the paddy fields and eneven qualities in yearly use, requiring ealiest solutions for them. In the past, a management handbook for large scale of paddy fields was made after examininig the management system for large scale of paddy filed re-ordered from 1993 through 1995. But, it is a rough stetch, lacking in the survey of quality for soils in the paddy, and also lacking in relation between soil conditions and rice growth. Recently, both a large scale of paddy fields of 1 hectre and 3 hectre have been constructed in our center after ordering Agriculture Research Center. Our goal in this study is to examine the quality of large scale of paddy fiellds after re-ordering and effect of the soil quality on managing operation and rice growth, along with collecting data about change of the soil conditions depending on time.
Keywords (8):
large scale ,  field ,  soil improvement ,  soil fertility ,  heterogeneity ,  fertilization ,  paddy rice ,  crop yield
Research program: Ordinary Research

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