J-GLOBAL ID:200904036447920186  Research Project code:9800046238 Update date:Feb. 29, 2000

Establishment of low cost rice production system by direct sowing in large-scale paddy fields Key technology development in agriculture

大区画湛水直播による低コスト稲作技術の確立 農業キーテクノロジー等確立試験
Study period:1997 - 1999
Research overview:
Direct sowing is one of the key technologies for future rice farming in Iwate Prefecture, however, there are problems hindering its acceptance, such as instability in yield and absence of reliable operation system. Cooperating with local agricultural improvement and propagation centers direct sowing system is developed, which adapted local conditions and combined with large-scale flat paddy field technology.
Keywords (6):
large ,  impounding ,  cultivation ,  paddy ,  production ,  cost
Research program: Ordinary Research

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