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The development of the dry starter for the miso fermentation using salt tolerance yeast

Study period:2000 - 2001
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Research overview:
We developed a dry starter of salt tolerant yeast having high viability. Further, the culture conditions were studied as improvement of viability in order to improve quality of the dry starter. A concentration of salt, the presence or absence of polypeptone S, a washing method of microbial bodies, and flow addition of sugar were studied. The method for producing the dry starter was made up, in which the salt concentration is 10%, flow addition culture is done using larrup media containing polypeptone S, a quantity of trehalose in microbial bodies is increased, microbial bodies are not washed, or are washed with washing water with similar osmotic pressure as the media, and the starter is dried. Then, it was demonstrated that the dry starter certainly worked in miso fermentation, added smell like miso, suppressed growth harmful microbes and inhibited resident yeast species. Further, the method for discriminating the yeast for miso fermentation added as the starter from the resident yeast was established by finding that DNA fragment amplified ITS region is separated into distinct bands in length by digestion with 2 types of restriction enzymes. The action of the starter was successively followed using gene engineering in the fermentation tests in a field level.
Keywords (3):
salt tolerant yeast ,  dry starter ,  miso
Project name: The development of the dry starter for the miso fermentation using salt tolerance yeast
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  • Japan Food Industry Center
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Research program: Funded Research
Research budget: 2000: \8,000,000

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