J-GLOBAL ID:200904038128046786  Research Project code:9800008969 Update date:Dec. 17, 2001

Epidemiological researches on japanese cedar pollinosis in Gunma prefecture

Study period:1989 - 1997
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (6):
Research overview:
The method to predict the quantity of dispersing cedar pollen is studied by measuring the quantity of those in Gunma prefecture. Besides, a questionnaire survey is conducted to grasp the epidemiological situation of pollinosis in the prefecture, and the prevention wethod is investigated to established the system of health care.
Keywords (7):
pollinosis ,  Cryptomeria ,  Gunma ,  emission(scattering) ,  epidemiology ,  prevention ,  health care
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1997: \2,404,000

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