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Research on ultra-short-pulse laser plasma interaction with matter

Study period:1996 - 0
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Research overview:
We are investigating the physics of the laser interaction with ultra-short-pulse lasers. Most of our work involves the use of ultra-short pulse KrF laser and Ti:Sapphire laser light, both of which have TW (10 12W) output intensity. The problem in this field is the duration of the laser light is so short as to determine equilibrium temperature. We are proposing the new parameter such as polarization of the electron velocity distribution function instead of the electron temperature. The polarization state have been measured by the polarization of emission of resonance line. The change of the polarization heve been measured with verious laser interaction condition. In the more intense field, the electron oscillation become relativistic motion and it will be strong non-linear medium. We also investigating the surface harmonics generation with ultra-short pulse laser.
Keywords (5):
plasma ,  pulsed ,  X-ray ,  higher ,  coherent
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  • (0216001000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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