J-GLOBAL ID:200904039203031311  Research Project code:0150001540 Update date:Jan. 30, 2004

New culturing, fertilizing, and managing systems for fruit vegetables and cut flowers to reduce environmental load (local basic industry)

Study period:2000 - 2003
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (6):
Research overview:
Development of techniques to reduce environmental load in new production system such as watering and fertilizing cultivation and the like - Cultivation using nutritional liquid and watering and fertilizing cultivation systems have been introduced for the purpose of labor-saving and resource-saving, however, only a part of farmhouse adopts those systems because of high capital investment. Therefore, we establish a simple liquid supplying and managing system with considering labor-saving and low cost by targeting not only special farmhouse but also aged farmers.
Keywords (4):
culturing in nutritional solution ,  culturing with water and fertilizer ,  labor saving ,  resource saving
Project name: Study for the promotion of systematizing regional essential agricultural technologies
Research program: 0066 (Japanese Only)

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