J-GLOBAL ID:200904039325165513  Research Project code:0350010424 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Follow-up survey of disposition at production area of onion

Study period:2002 - 2002
Research overview:
The plow disposition in the farm field is performed since spring of 2002 as a method of disposition at the production site of onion produced in 2001 in Kitami district. According to the plow disposition in the farm field of onion, generation of various damage such as generation of wild onion by germination of plowed onion, diffusion of soil diseases and insects, induction of seedcorn maggot, defective germination by pythium bacteria, or excessive soil nutrition is worried. At present, however, it must be performed while treatment method is not completed. Therefore, the follow-up study is performed on the decomposition process of onion in soil, generation of disease and insect as well as defective germination and germination of onion for the purpose of (1) Use for the guidance of crop cultivation at the present plowed fields and (2) Contribution to the establishment of the proper treatment method if similar case occurs in future. (Hokkaido Prefectural Kitami Agricultural Experiment Station)

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