J-GLOBAL ID:200904039497052176  Research Project code:0450021452 Update date:Oct. 20, 2004

Study on strength and durability of a temporary stool for elderly persons

Study period:2003 - 2003
Research overview:
The following test items are eonducted to investigate its strength and durability in order to develop a practical model: (1) Static load tests with the maximal load supposed. (2) To carry out a cyclic tests using a commonuse load so as to investigate the strength and durability of the stool. (3) To investigate deterioration and damage thorough AE monitoring so as to evaluate the safety of the stool.
Keywords (5):
furniture ,  durability ,  strength ,  safety ,  assistive device
Project Organization (1):
  • (E354000000)
Research program: Development Program for Medical and Welfare Apparatus

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