J-GLOBAL ID:200904039644685996  Research Project code:0350011472 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Development of preparation technique of carbon series thin layer for the purpose of advanced function of surface

Study period:2001 - 2002
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Research overview:
The technique for preparing thin layer of fluorine series organic materials is developed for providing ultra-water repellency using vacuum evaporation. The preparation of the ultra-water repellent thin layer capable of practical use is tried by excitation beam assist to increase the adhesivity or membrane strength that cannot be obtained by evaporation. As a method using plasma spattering method, synthesis of amorphous carbon thin layer or carbon nitride thin layer with a relatively high speed is targeted by sputtering the carbon target using the reaction in the plasma and on the substrate using carbon hydrate gas such as methane as carbon source. By increasing the density of the membrane, the thin layer is prepared for surface protecting membrane or improvement in the gas permeability of high polymer films.
Keywords (6):
fluorine resin thin layer ,  carbon thin layer ,  water repellency ,  gas barrier ,  plasma assist ,  vacuum evaporation
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