J-GLOBAL ID:200904040355036597  Research Project code:9800004125 Update date:Dec. 21, 2002

Studies of magnetic properties on Ruddelsden-Popper type oxides

Study period:1985 - 2001
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Research overview:
Ruddelsden-Popper type oxides (M3+, R3+) 2nM2+O3n+1 show alayer type structure connected by perovskite-like structures along the c-axis. Magnetic properties of them are much focussed in relation to these layer structures. We are going to treat the oxides SrLaMnO4+X for n=1, Sr3-XLaXMn3O10 for n=3 and to measure the magnetization of them from 4. 2K to high temperature well above a magnetic transition temperature to a paramagnetic state in high fields up to 50KOe, using a vibrating sample magnetometer and also to perform neutron diffraction measurements of them.
Keywords (8):
manganate ,  magnetism ,  low temperature ,  high temperature ,  strong magnetic field ,  magnetic structure ,  magnetization measurement ,  neutron diffraction
Research program: Ordinary Research

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