J-GLOBAL ID:200904040399588597  Research Project code:0450021914 Update date:Mar. 31, 2005

Establishment of paddy rice non-cultivates direct-planting technology on dry rice field

Study period:2003 - 2005
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Research overview:
The non-cultivates direct-planting technology for paddy rice on a dry rice field is noticed as a labor-saving paddy rice production technology without nursing seedlings and ploughing fields. However, in comparison with cultivation after transplantation, more times of spraying of weed killers are inevitable, and reduction of cost and labor for weeding is an awaiting solution. Thus, as a technology to reduce times of spraying of weed killers and at the same time to be expectable for maintaining fertility of soil, we establish a non-cultivates direct-planting cultivation technology by means of direct planting among sprouts of farm produce like milk-vetches as green fertilizer.
Keywords (4):
Paddy rice ,  dry rice field ,  non-cultivates ,  direct planting
Research program: Ordinary Research

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