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Manual and guidance for measures of complaints and damages on sanitary insects 'Sanitary insects in Kobe :Insect'

衛生害虫指導マニュアル「神戸の衛生害虫 昆虫編」
Study period:1996 - 2000
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Research overview:
Complaints and consults as to insect pests, such as sanitary and food insects, are quite numerous. A recent feature is that most of such complaints and consults are received from food manufacturers and import companies, instead of directly from citizens, and consults for ascertaining the responsibility, such as the path of contamination, are increasing. To comply with the PL act, definite bases for identification of insect pests are also required. To reach such objectives, it is attempted to make bases for comparison of insect pests with confusing ones more definite and rapid by utilizing photographs frequently.
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insanitary ,  guidance ,  manual ,  Insecta ,  species ,  insect
Research program: Ordinary Research
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